Tomhas was born in a little city near Brussels, Belgium and has always been involved and inspired by music. Grown up in a family where music was the key to every day's happiness.

Finding his way into electronic music by traveling and testing between a different variety of music styles and genres. Getting his inspiration by listening to all kinds of music or the noise of the daily life we live in.
Recording noise at the subway or spending the day at the forrest, just to record the atmosphere that took place at that same moment.

Posted on 24/08/2016
Domenico Rosa

Domenico is an Italian DJ and producer. Born in 1989, he started to buy vinyl when he was 15. After high school he decided to devote himself to electronic music, graduating in sound engineering. In 2012, together with Riccardo, he founded his own label, signing the first EP. Imprints records is currently considered one of the most interesting new labels in the "underground" scene and its releases have been favourited by DJs across World.

Come and check him out on Saturday 3rd of September at our 5th anniversary at Spectakulo Festival.

Posted on 24/08/2016
Ricardo Carlos

Three years ago we recieved one of Taret's mixtapes and we were so blown away by his unique sound, that we had to meet this guy in person. After having the most fantastic first chat in a little bar in Brussels, we knew this was going to be something lovely. Born in the South of France and lived in cities as Marseille, Paris and Berlin, Remy moved to Brussels a couple years ago. This is a perfect example of how our little Circo Inferno philosophy works. Good music that is played by lovely people who become instant friends.

Posted on 24/08/2016

Fernando is no stranger to us. As he's a Spectakulo resident since 3 years and played at several Circo Inferno parties during the years, you've probably danced to his music multiple times. Next to his appereances at our projects, Fernando is a member of labels such as Lessizmore, Broquade, Karton, Earlydub and many others. He's also hosting his own club night at Fuse called ROOMIES with fellow resident Giammarco Orsini. When he's not making music in the studio, he's playing at respected clubs and festivals all over the world.


Posted on 18/08/2016

Baraso, born in 1988, started playing music when he was a child. His parents bought him a piano and he directly began following some music lessons in his native town, Barcelona.
Afterwards, at the age of 15, he discovered electronic music and fell in love with it all at once. He started to play music at local concerts and other parties and over time, he rapidly advanced in DJing and production. Having the opportunity to learn and play alongside big artists is a great blessing.

Posted on 16/08/2016